We understand—wedding planning comes with a LOT of questions you need answers to and the last thing that you want is to be doing is digging through page after page on the internet to find what you're looking for when it comes to wedding invitations.

Here we've answered a few frequently asked questions about wedding invitations and our services but you're always welcome to drop us a note at!


Ok, bear with me here while I use this analogy because I think it really helps when it comes to differentiating between custom and semi-custom wedding invitation suites!

Let's think of Studio Sotrel as a build-your-own sandwich shop. Most sandwich shops of this sort are going to have all of the fixings to build your dream sandwich as well as some of their own creations that they've come up with.

Semi-Custom: A semi-custom wedding invitation suite is similar to choosing one of the sandwiches that the shop has come up with. You can enjoy the sandwich as is, or, it gives you a really good starting point for a style that you like and from there you can make slight tweaks to make it exactly what you want. Don't like tomatoes but want to add onions (i.e. want to switch out the color of the envelope)? We can do that!

Custom: A custom invitation suite is like going up to the counter and building your own sandwich—you get to "design" your sandwich (or invitation suite) from scratch with all the fixings you love and leaving out anything you're not a fan of.

Each wedding invitation suite includes:
- Outer envelope
- Invitation
- Details Card
- RSVP Card
- RSVP Envelope
- Envelope Liner

Of course, a custom invitation suite is going to be much more customizable in terms of the style/shape of paper, however, if you are oping for a semi-custom suite and want to add additional cards, for example, you can do so at an additional cost! 

You can inquire at any time, however, we recommend inquiring (and booking!) anywhere from 6-12 months out from your invitation send date to your guests

We like to allot around 3 months for the design of your invitations. This gives us time to get to know the soul of your story in order to emulate that through your wedding invitations and day-of stationery pieces.

An example timeline for an August wedding would look like:

- February: Design month
- End of March: Wedding invitations arrive to you
- May: Mail out to your guests

These dates are approximate and can vary depending on when your wedding is in the month but gives you a good idea of what to expect when you work with us!

We currently only offer digital printing but will be offering letterpress and gold foil printing in the future!

At this time we are searching for the best materials and embellishments to offer our couples so we do not have a wide selection of embellishments to add.

We currently offer embellishments such as vellum overlays/gate folds, grommets and tassels.

We will soon be offering embellishments such as wax seals, ribbons, and more!